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    Baby Sleep Positioner Pillow Anti Roll Sleeping Mat Safe Head Back Waist Support

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    Description :

    Baby Sleep Positioner Pillow  Anti Roll Sleeping Mat Safe Head Back Waist Support

    This is a comfortable support when baby sleeps.
    Crib wedge feature elevates baby's head to help ease breathing.
    Patented curved bumpers conform to baby's natural shape when side sleeping.
    "Turn Head" tab encourages caregivers to turn infant's head each night, helping to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome
    (Positional Plagiocephaly).
    Features :
    The Ultimate Vent Sleep System combines the benefits of a crib wedge and a vented sleep positioner to provide your baby a comfortable and firm night's rest. 
    The crib wedge is designed to help digestion and ease breathing and the air vent bumpers help keep your little one cool and snug. 
    Mesh material is soft to the touch and also allows air to pass through to help reduce the risk of overheating, making a cozy area for your little one to sleep peacefully.

    Caution :

    Do not use for infant under 6 lbs (2.72kg)
    Once your baby begins to move around during sleep, the Sleep Positioner should no longer be used.
    Consider your physician other considering the appropriate sleeping positions for your infant.
    Instructions for care :
    Not bleach washing in cold water, dry up and so on, please keep natural dry.

    Specification :

    Material : Cloth &Cotton
    Color : White
    Weight : 153
    Size :40 x 31cm/15.74 x 12.20"
    (Suitable for babies between 0-4 months)

    Package Includes :

    1 x Baby Safe Anti Roll Sleep Positioner